Saturday, April 30, 2011

Meet the Team 2011: Brooke...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, this one I placed here because Brooke is in my top 9 list. Way to go Brooke! I'll make sure to send you all the important top 9 people in my life information through a really funny video. Be ready!

Girls, meet Brooke Roberts. She loves reading the Word on microphones or anytime really. She is obsessed in a very healthy way with her family and her bro is her best friend (pic below). She works in Oklahoma City with K-Life and is incredible with teenage girls, moms and really every person in the world. She is a unifier and is the glue (or goop as Steven Tyler from Idol would say) to a lot of groups in her life. She is sassy and obviously loves to read God's Word with a microphone and pretty dresses. I mean who doesn't?

She will be hanging with the girls in Backwoods as the Co-Director and also getting a chance to pour into our staff. Brooke is constantly bringing us so much joy and really my life aspiration just behind being a great wife and mom is to be more like Brooke. I take notes and practice daily. Here's to you Brooke Roberts...may you dazzle us forever...yes, you heard me...dazzle! Brooke, you are for sure in my top 10...maybe higher!
Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

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photos: Brooke's facebook page

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