Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet the Team 2011: Tanya...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
I am not sure I will be able to type as I'm laughing hysterically at the picture below. Seriously Tanya! This is what she wears on first dates...yep, she gets them all the time. Not sure what happens to 2nd dates. I kid. 

Welcome Tanya Beardsley. She is going to be one of our Special Programs Director and hang out with kampers. She is funny. She has been adopted this year into our family as she has been living here and going to the Kanakuk Institute. She is really smart and getting her master's degree. She studies and is really really really into organizing....anything. She is a great babysitter and loves to wear costumes. She loves to support the USA and the military. That love has been a recent discovery but she has jumped into truly being a REAL AMERICAN. We are so proud.

She is going to live in Branson next year too to (haha...tutu!) to finish her master's degree. She sadly graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and we pray for her salvation often. Again, I kid...well, mostly kid. She has great cardigans and loves storing her stuff in people's basements. She loves her family which includes her 2 siblings. She loves Jesus and has energy and joy that oozes (horrible word but yet can't think of a synonym) the Lord in her life. She.LOVES.the.USA.
Be Awesome & Love Jesus, 

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photo: Tanya's facebook page

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Ashley said...

this entire post made me CRACK UP LAUGHING. tantan... you are my favorite. and the last picture was one of my most memorable kamp experiences as i rode your back trying to unclog the uc cabin overflowing toilet the first day of kamp.... i miss you. and i miss you too a-rob! xo <3