Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meet the Team 2011: Steph...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Steph, Stephanie...I wonder which one she prefers? Stephanie, please comment and let the world know. Thank you. 

This gal is becoming a Branson local soon. Her and the hubs TOGETHER are starting the Kanakuk Link Year. She once worked alongside of my hubs in Branson K-Life and so I got to hang with her then. She then got swept off her feet and headed to KC, holler, to ya know be where her husband is. Makes sense. Yes? Good. She is so relational as 99.999% of all the staff desire to be her not only because she loves Jesus but she has great hair, great fashion and owns a small dog that truly gets treated better than my daughter. And we treat our daughter great...you figure it out.  She apparently has tons of funny, but rather horrific, stories from teaching at a school in KC but now loves her kiddos there...and I'm sure will love the link year kids but probably not as much because they are cute 2 foot kindergartners. It's tough to compete with that...it's just truth future link year attendees. 

She graduated from Ole Miss, so therefore feel free to say hotty totty to her at kamp...really because I just think that is somewhat funny and awkward. She can be seen walking the aforementioned dog, max, all the while doing aerobics with Fitness and Nutrition. Steph is amazingly funny, although she might not think it. She loves Jesus and has a sensitive spirit to His Word and His spirit in her life. She is so great with people and LOVES her family to the core. She likes to pray too. Which is a great quality. 
Be Awesome & Love Jesus,

kanakuk ashley robbins / ashley@kanakuk.com
photo: Steph's facebook page

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Stephanie said...

well ash, thanks for asking. i'm great with either. it's just so much easier to say steph and i feel like most people go with that. growing up i only heard stephanie if i was getting in trouble...which means basically never since i was a perfect angel..don't think my mom will read this;)