Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meet the Team of 2011: Kristen...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, part the time I'm done I am confident I will forget which part I am on with medium size team. But today, I remember it's part 2. 

Girls, meet Kristen Knoth. I simply went to facebook and found her latest pictures and this guy seemed to be in pictures so I deemed him important and therefore thought I should place him on her welcome announcement (that sounds funny because welcome announcements are usually for babies...not that they are having babies I meant she isn't a baby...that was complicated but very entertaining to, well, just me.)

Kristen loves Kansas. Like hearts it big time. She is a teacher...has a job for next fall as a school in the area of Kansas City. She is teaching photography, journalism and will be heading up the yearbook and I think the paper. So fun! She is so fun and funny but has a deep passion for the Lord, friendships in her life and making a difference in lives through teaching. She will be hanging with our staff this summer as she is one of our Personnel directors and also helping make the laughs come as one of the Backwoods Directors. Woohoo! So she is relational and funny...such a rarity in the world today!

I like being her friend. She loves Braums. Seriously...LOVES.IT. (sing song in your head...or out loud) A LOT!
Be Awesome & Love Jesus, 

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photos: Kristen's facebook page 

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