Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Announcing The THING for Summer 2011...

 Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, if you are a new K2 kamper for summer 2011 (on the girls side) then you might be a bit confused. Every summer for the past, oh I don't know maybe 5 summers, I have randomly selected something to wear/do everyday that you all can join in on the phone. Here are the past years:
bright, colored/designed shoelaces
nike shorts
big bows
special braid in hair
tie dye shirts

So this year 2011 will be these fabric headbands. I am a total copy cat and they are in tons of stores and trust me the ones from stores are much better and probably cuter but for now me and my little sewing machine are getting to know each other as I make these. I am going to make around 15 of them to have one at least for 2 weeks without repeats...they are so fun and with the mop of hair I have I need these babies! So grab your headbands, flower deals for stretchy hair deals and put them on your packing list! Let's all where them this summer...come on it will be fun.
yes, this is my closet and yes, that's fabric spray in the back. gotta keep things fresh. My fav one is the blue whale fabric (2nd from left). so fun!

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,
kanakuk ashley robbins

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