Monday, May 9, 2011



Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
Well, it was Mother's Day...WOOHOO! This is my 2nd year as a mom (well, 3rd year if you count the 1st year that the firstborn was in my belly). At some point in my day on Mother's day I always think of all the girls that come through the gates of K2 each summer. Most of you probably have moms that love and adore you. Some have lost their moms. Others have moms for some of you have let you down by not loving you like Jesus does. My heart, as I look at our 2 kiddos, breaks for any of you girls that hasn't been loved with the love of Jesus Christ...He is the only reason I can do anything good or loving each day. He is the only way I can be the exact Mom that by kids need.

So today...if you have a mom, who is far from perfect but loves you so much...GO.HUG.HER...NOW. If you lost your mom, I'm so very sorry sweet girl. Please know that you are loved and so very precious! Happy Mother's Day all you mommas!

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,
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