Thursday, May 5, 2011

Redneck Olympics Party...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Gals,
This is the classic country party that K2 HAS to have every's an oldie but always a goodie!

Party Title:
          Redneck Olympics

Terms that have this party:
         14Nighters or 2 Weekers: Term 3 & 5
         28Nighters or Monthers: Term 1 & 2
Party Description:
         Where’d I put those overalls? We hope you can find them because these Olympics will have no fancy ski suits, sparkly gymnast tights or nike goggles. For these Olympics you need your best straw hat, overalls and country boots. You can come dressed as the Clampits or just the southern girl next door. Whatever you wear just make sure it is down home country and ready to do some Olympic sports like you have never seen.

Costume Ideas:
* anything denim
* Flannel shirts
* Cutoffs and cowboy hats (girls, keep the shorts modest...if you put your hands to your side you should be able to touch the end of your shorts)
* cow costumes
* Any farm animal costume
* Overalls of any kind
* Boots

Be Awesome & Love Jesus,
kanakuk ashley robbins

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