Thursday, June 16, 2011

Term 1 14-Night Closing Ceremonies...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Parents,
Well, what a term! It has just been incredible! I put a Thank You picture on top because I don't know what else to say! Thank you for letting me have this job! I feel so overwhelmed that this is what I!

Okay, enough mooshy moosh! Here is the details on closing...

FRIDAY, June 17:
6:30 pm  >  Early luggage pick up & Kanakuk Store Open.

7:00 pm  >  Family Vespers (with Joe White) at K-Dome (our basketball gym)

8:00 pm  >  Kamper Recognition (this will be just your daughter/son cabin together to have the counselors read a certificate about each kamper)

8:30 pm  >  Flag Raising

9:00 pm  >  Awards Ceremony and Term Video at K-Dome

10:00 pm  >  Good Night! (You may take your kamper this night if you would like just sign out in the office. We really just have breakfast in the morning and they leave so they don't miss anything.)

SATURDAY, June 18:
7:00 am  >  Wake up kampers still here and clean cabin

8:00 am  >  Kampers buffet breakfast

8:30 am  >  Parents Luggage Pick up (girls luggage on track, guys on cardiac hill)

9:00 am  > GoodBye!!!

Window to their World,

kanakuk ashley robbins


Ellie said...

What's going on with KEquip this year? Are we still having it?

Ashley Robbins said...

ellie, yes, we have k-equip this year.