Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 6...


Hey K2 Kanakuk Term 23/3 Parents,
Here is the day for you all. Hope you aren't missing your girls too much. K2 girls' side is going great and we are having a blast!

Devo: I Timothy...Instruction in leadership

Morning: POD DAY! If you aren't sure what POD day means you can look back to my post for the date of June 22 or June 29. It explains more.


Night: K-LIFE TONIGHT!! We split tonight and the monthers went to the boys gym to hear Seth Higgins, the K2 men's assistant director, speak. I only caught a bit of this and it was a story of the Alamo part so I'm not sure the main meat of the message. Joe had the 2 weekers and did the purity talk. Priceless! The bell (we have the kids come ring a bell when they give their whole heart to Jesus) rang several times last night! It was AMAZING!

Window to their World,

kanakuk ashley robbins

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