Sunday, July 17, 2011

Term "45" Begins...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Term 45 Parents,
(You are Term "45." We didn't have a great way to call our 28 Night term something else so we just combined it to make this 28 Night term called Term 45 since it is the combination of both 14 Night Terms of 4 and 5...was that clear as mud or what?)
Welcome to the K2 GIRLS SIDE blog! I am so excited to share a small window into the girls' side of K2 and let you all know (in real time, as opposed to very slow snail mail) what is going on at this place. Some things you should know:
1. My grammar is awful. My mom is an english teacher and I am her biggest failure! Haha! But seriously! I type like I speak it.
2. This is only a window. It is very structured so it is something I have time to do each day while still being fully focused at kamp and kampers and not a computer screen.
3. There is no way I can upload a picture of every kamper. I pick 5 pictures a day that are "pictures" to exemplify the day the best. Please forgive me if I repeat certain people...please forgive!
4. Email me anytime you have any questions.

I start tomorrow with letting you know the rundown of the day! Feel free to pass KanakukAshley on to your friends and family who might want to know what all your daughter is up to too...
Window to their World,  

kanakuk ashley robbins

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