Monday, July 18, 2011

July 17...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Term 45/4 Parents,
K2 LOVES Sundays! Now being "day 2" of kamp makes our Sundays a bit more hectic but still AWECREPIC (Awecrepic is a combination of awesome, crazy and epic all mashed together! It's quite the word of the summer! If you use it in an email to your daughter she will think you yourself are AWECREPIC)

Devo: No devo book on Sunday.

Morning: We had coffee cake and church. The best, most handsome, #1 husband and dad in the whole world spoke...SHAY ROBBINS! I'm a big fan! His message was on the heart. The fact that everyone sitting there has a heart condition and he gave 4 types of "heart conditions" and challenged the kids where there heart was in those 4 types. It is an amazing message!

This is where it got crazy. We sent cabins 1-6 to the pool for a quick swim test and then they headed to the dock to play on the blob, sail boats, boats or just play in the lake. The other cabins did a rotation of games around kamp while doing their swim test, kanakuk clothing store and cabin photo. It's a lot to get crammed into 1 day but at K2 that's how we roll!

Afternoon: We had CHILLAX day in the afternoon. Chillax is a combination of chill and relax...we like to combine words here at K2. We had the dock open and had a floating dock where the kids put life jackets on like diapers and float out there to get a dr. pepper from them. We also had the pool open where we had fresh fruit and sno cones. We also had trams available as on Chillax day you don't have to walk from the dock to the pool you get to ride! This is a beloved day of K2!

Night: JUSTICE LEAGUE! Pary #1! We had a great party with yummy food, a quick cabin game and then a dance party. We cut this party a bit short because we also have Tribals on the night of day 2. We have all the kampers that are in tribes go crazy for new kampers who might not have a tribe yet (Kickapoos and Kiowas are the two girls tribes). If your daughter is a new kickapoo then you can send fun stuff that is blue and yellow. If she is a kiowa then send red and white/black stuff. It's so much fun! So jam packed night of awesomeness!

It was a great day it's our last term everything will be "the last ____." Which means we go ALL out for this term!

Window to their World,

kanakuk ashley robbins

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