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Mom: Christmas Edition...

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Hey K2 Kanakuk MOMS (really it should read PARENT), 
I am going to try and start a mom post that pops up maybe 1-2 times a month. I am not posting about mommyhood b/c I am any kind of expert. Nor am I posting to build guilt into mom hearts which is such a huge battle...the Lord and I went rounds about guilt and now I don't live in it...freedom (said in a braveheart scream like Mel Gibson)

Okay, so I wanted to simply write/talk/question ask about being a great mom/parent during Christmas? I LOVE / HEART/ OBSESSED with Christmas. I love family, the tree, the wonderful smells, the old movies, games, ornaments, and the Christmas Eve service with candles that reminds you just 1/1000000 of the candles that may have been in that stable when our Savior was born. I want so badly for my kids to love Christmas b/c it's when Jesus was born. I know they will love the tree, snow, family and presents but I want them to know that if all the presents were stripped away their smiles and joy is still there b/c of a baby turned Savior named Jesus. How do we do this well? I honestly have no great wisdom that is proven from any research (considering my kids are still playing with the paper and just want more cheerios to eat)...but here are my thoughts (that's it...just THOUGHTS!)

1. Don't be crazy. Meaning this...your child's Christmas wish list should not be able to cover the whole living room floor. Have a budget and make it a budget that does not involve debt or major credit card charges. Our children need to understand this idea of not living above our means.

2. You must live in a way that SHOWS them Jesus is more important. That means not being ticked if your hubs didn't get you the "it" gift  or your family doesn't have the newest i____ (fill in the blank with the newest Apple toy). You must show them Jesus by going shopping for a family that can't get any gifts. A family that on their child's wishlist it says: coat and shoes. They must see the Holy Spirit in you. I tear up thinking about this as I am challenged by my own typing...

3. Teach your kids to make/get gifts for others. I can't wait to begin to teach our kids more (they don't do a lot of deep thinking or communication at this point) about giving. I love teenagers that come to kamp and say they had to pay for some of kamp or kids that just get it...they don't lean over to you and say can I have money to go get you a Christmas gift (if they even ask at all). They save and get their parents a gift or they create something as the kids to give to their parents. The oldest siblings watch the little ones for 4 nights during the month for a date night. They all color a manger scene and frame it for their parents. They all come together to get their Grandma a digital photo frame all set up with pictures b/c she can sit there in a nursing home and see her legacy.

4. Open their eyes. Go deliver gifts to kids whose parents are in prison. Go feed food to the homeless. Read Kisses from Katie and send over care packages. Fill boxes for Samaritan purse and have the kids put some of their toys in there. Make them understand they are millionaires b/c they have a roof over their heads, running water and a fridge full of food.

5. Read about Jesus. Read about Jesus and talk openly that while gifts and monetary blessings are so fun that they don't mean anything compared to Jesus and knowing Him. Talk about if the "stuff" were all taken away that we all still have Jesus' love and hope and each other.

6. Start young...and if you can't...reprogram. I know this is a weird one...for me, I want to start young that Christmas is not a time to raise our credit cards (we actually don't even have one...Dave Ramsey lives in our house as my hubs) limit to afford our kids wish list. I want to start young in being grateful for 1 gift or just being together with a yummy meal and family. (I have to add this does not include my mom and dad who will spoil our kids as much as they like...haha! Grandparenting must be awesome!). But even with that I want my kids to LOVE my parents and just being with them...the gifts are just an extra...not an expectation. I never want the mountain of gifts to be an expectation.
* Now if yours are older...reprogram. Shock value can be huge here. What if for Christmas you sent your entire typical Christmas money for gifts to a missionary in Egypt. What if you all were allowed to gift 1 gift and the others would go to those without. I loved that for our birthdays growing up my parents would get us 1 gift and by no means a HUGE gift. I remember one year I got a pair of jeans I needed. I loved them and was so thankful. It taught me simplicity. those are thoughts...not expertise and no judgements. Monetary blessing is not bad and Christmas gifts are not bad's your focus on the gifts and what you would be like if the gifts were all gone...JUST THOUGHTS...

Be awesome & Love Jesus, 

kanakuk ashley robbins

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