Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 15...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Parents,
Welcome again to the K2 Girls Blog! It's so fun! We had a great day 2 and your daughters all have had their pictures taken with their cabin, bought the Kanakuk clothing and gear, and did a swim test. Then mix in all kinds of fun, sno cones, slip-n-slides, etc. Epic day!

Devo: none (it's a Sunday)
Verse of the Day: none (it's Sunday)

Morning: Coffee cake, sleeping in, and church with a lake view! It was great! THE BEST SPEAKER IN THE WORLD SHAY ROBBINS...can you tell I'm biased!...spoke today and it was powerful. He spoke on Moments! Moments that change our lives. His title was "Seizing Moments and making them Movements."

Afternoon: We had station rotations of clothing, swim test, photos, sno cones, slipnslides, pool and lots of other things. It was good cabin bonding while getting stuff done. Perfect combo!

Trip: none out yet.
Treetops: none.

Night: PARTY AND TRIBALS. We had a half party tonight called the Bedrock Blowout (cavemen, flinstones, dinosaurs, etc). It was a fun party! They run around having to sing lyrics to find clues. Clues are people hidden all around kamp. Then we had a quick dance party. Always a highlight! Then all the kamp headed down for opening tribals where Joe White does an incredible tradition of the Indian dance and then the chiefs and princesses for the term take their tribes to their tribal ring for a rally time. If your daughter doesn't have a tribe she will be assigned one tonight and welcomed with open arms. A fun package if you get a letter telling you what tribe they are in is to send yellow and blue stuff for Kickapoo and red and black/white stuff for Kiowas.

Okay, hope you guys are doing good without your priceless daughters! We sure are thankful to have them for 2 weeks or a month! If you need anything feel free to email me Praying for a mighty mighty life changing term...
Window to their World,

kanakuk ashley robbins

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Anya Lucas said...

THANK YOU for writing this blog! I appreciate reading what the girls are doing :)