Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18...

Hey K2 Kanakuk Parents,
It's a POD day! (I'll explain momentarily). Kampers and staff LOVE Pod days as they are just a bit different break up in normal routine. They are just fun adventures and just a different vibe to a kamp day! It's been such a great term so far. Hopefully some of you are starting to receive their 1st letters home (it might take forever as the Lampe postal service isn't known for it's speediness when it comes to postal delivery). I pray they are great letters but if you are worried due to a letter of homesickness or unease...don't worry (yeah right, I'm a parent and worrying is part of the gig). It is normal for the first few days to be a bit of a transition as girls are new and meeting one another for the first time...please email me if the worry takes over and you aren't sleeping! Haha...but seriously! :)

Devo: Esther 2:1-14 (Don't know if I mentioned the girls are studying Esther...I'm sure you picked that up :)
Verse of the Day: Romans 12:2

Morning: POD DAYS. Okay POD days are basically a change mid week in their normal schedule. They pick a morning pod: BMX biking, Dogwood canyon, archery/sporting clays, meat 4 meat (memorize scripture and get to go to Pizza Hut by boat ride), mentoring 101, great questions, different sports pods if you want more sport time, canoe/bluff jumping, caving, heart of worship, missions (working at Kids Across America), and the list has like 10 more options...KAMPERS AND STAFF LOVE POD DAYS. They are a blast. They get a special treat and again it just breaks up the week a bit.

Afternoon: They go to their afternoon POD choice they chose online. Again, I can't tell you how great POD days are.

Treetops: off.
Trips: (no trips or treetops so that everyone can go to their pod choice)

Night: K-LIFE. Dr. Joe White spoke about Creation. He rode in on a Harley and did his talk under the stars at the football fields of K2. It's an awesome awesome night!!!I pray each gal knows that God created everything but specifically created each gal to be exactly as she is!! It's a great message that Joe brings science in and makes it personal all at the same time.

Window to their World,

kanakuk ashley robbins

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