Wednesday, August 8, 2012

K2 Term 45 & Term 5 Closing Ceremonies...

(I have no idea why this image says "that swede" on it. i just thought it was cute b/c we say hello to you all when you arrive for closing and then quickly say goodbye)
Hey K2 Kanakuk Parents,
Well, here is the rundown of the closing ceremonies for K2  for this term (August 10 & 11).

5:45 pm     Parents Luggage Pick up NO PICNIC
6:15 pm     Parents Dessert, Kanakuk Store Open, Information booths open
                 (Your kamper will come out and meet you at this time)
6:45 pm     Family Vespers with Dr. Joe White @ K-Dome (our basketball courts)
7:30 pm     Kamper Recognition (you are with just your daughter's cabin to hear about what 2 qualities the counselors saw in her and meet the counselors, etc)
8:00 pm     Tribal Flag Raising
8:30 pm     Awards Ceremony @ K-Dome
10:00 pm.  GOOD NIGHT!

Just so you all know K2 does EVERYTHING on Friday night. All Saturday morning is the kids wake up super early to super clean their cabin and we feed the kampers that are still here breakfast and then you all arrive and pick them up...

8:15 am     Parents Luggage Pick up
9:00 am     Kampers get picked up and say Good bye!

That's the detailed breakdown. Hope it helps to know our schedule and after Friday night's awards ceremony you just have to sign a sheet to check your daughter out which we will have a table conveniently located in the K-dome so you all can leave Friday night if need be. If you pick your daughter up Saturday morning there is no sign out sheet needed.

Window to their World,

kanakuk ashley robbins

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