Monday, December 17, 2012


Hey K2 Kanakuk Friends,
Well, maybe it's just leftover having a baby hormones but right now in my life I have 2 heroes. I want to keep the specifics close to my own heart but I will simply say one is my best friend and one is someone who would never call himself a hero.

My best friends stands to be my hero simply for putting up with my craziness. That alone could make her a hero. But there are so many many reasons why that word resonates in my heart for her right, yesterday and probably still tomorrow. She walks with grace, answers with the Word, and loves in the face of any bit of a heartache. She is deeply thoughtful, always growing in the woman she is, and pushes me in making me better. She is all those things but today she is my hero.

The other hero is simply from afar. My husband called to talk to me about this hero of ours. He is tenderhearted, the heart of so much, and a person I would walk into any battle with. He shepherds like no one else I know. He has the most humbling spirit that it aggravates me b/c I want him to speak more, write a book and simply tell me how he and his wife/family/kids do it...he is my hero because he follows Jesus with every breath. He allows his life to be solely Spirit led,  a prayer that Shay and I pray so often for our home. He is my (and my husbands) hero today...and most likely every day after this too.

Who are you heroes? Who you follow says so much about you...

Be awesome & Love Jesus, 

kanakuk ashley robbins

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