Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 20...


Hey K2 Kanakuk Term 23 (T23) Parents,
Well it's the morning of June 21 and we had a great day yesterday. It was our first day of normal schedule (the individualized schedule that each kamper gets) of classes. Periods 1-3 are in the morning (usually 2 of those periods are your child's specialty) and then periods 4-6 are in the afternoon.

Devo: Matthew...focusing on the Sermon on the Mount

Morning: Normal morning of periods 1-3. I will also try and tell you each day who has treetops (that is our high elements ropes course with a massive zipline at the end). Cabins 19 and 20 started this term off on treetops.

Afternoon: Normal periods 4-6.

Night: K-LIFE TONIGHT! Don Ford, president of afterDark and pureExcitement, spoke to the kampers about being an unstoppable force for the Lord. He shared stories of just how Big God is and when we are walking faithfully with Him we are an unstoppable force. He talked about the giants in our lives that we CAN have victory over. He is a great speaker and he is actually gettin' hitched in like 19 days! Woohoo!

When your kids are at kamp that also have a chance to go on "trip." Trip is when the girls head to K-Wet (skiing, challenge course, all water stuff and great cabin bonding time) or K-Wild (hiking, rappelling, great cabin time as well). For the 20th, cabins 15 and 16 girls headed to K-Wet for 2 nights. Girls love trip as it truly is filled with memories, the Lord and great fellowship time with your cabin.

Window to their World,

kanakuk ashley robbins

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